The Summer Theatre Club 2018



Hosted by Theatre Algoma (Algoma University) the summer company will participate in group sessions to learn acting techniques including character, text, scene study, improv, voice, movement, communication, listening and more, in a fun environment that encourages self expression.  

Company members will explore monologues and perform in a workshop presentation during the FRINGE NORTH INTERNATIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL 2018.  Much like the rehearsal for any other play, one on one coaching rehearsals will be scheduled in addition to the group class.  The program runs July 30 - August 28 weekday afternoons and evenings.  Times will be scheduled co-operatively with participants availability in mind.

For details and to apply for LIMITED placements please email: 

We will reply within 24 hours!


There are no tuition fees for the program, just a $50 membership fee.

No previous experience is necessary, just the desire to learn and have fun!


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